About Us

We are the leader in data and analytics on alternative finance in the developing world.

AlliedCrowds is the first complete aggregator and directory of alternative finance providers in the developing world. We help donors, investors, and entrepreneurs navigate the alternative finance space through our reports, data, and Capital Finder, increasing the flow of capital to deserving projects globally.

We also work with some of the top development institutions in the world to consult on alternative finance solutions. Our end-to-end solutions include building customized crowdfunding platforms, which are flexible, affordable, and provide great marketing potential. By filling the information gap and removing barriers to funding, we hope to unlock capital for projects that alleviate poverty and further economic development where it is needed most.

Finding the right funding partner

The most difficult part is finding the most suitable capital provider for your need. We've got you covered.

Our Products and Services

  • Capital Finder: A unique tool to identify private capital and gain insights into the alternative finance industry in your target sector and geography.
  • Research and Data Analysis: We have unique insights into alternative finance industries in all of the world’s lower- and middle-income nations.
  • Technology Solutions: We are able to create customized solutions that help your organization achieve its development goals.
  • Consulting and Advisory: Our team of experienced finance professionals, researchers, and project managers can help your organization navigate a funding environment in flux.