Software Engineer - Intern

You will be working on evolving our data analytics engine and helping to build awesome products for our clients with plenty of hands on experience. We’re a small team so you will be a big part of our development and growth.

About Us

AlliedCrowds is the leading data, analytics, and advisory firm focusing on crowdfunding in the developing world. We work with some of the top development institutions in the world (e.g. United Nations, World Bank) to consult on crowdfunding, build them awesome products such as (the first crowdfunding platform in Ecuador), and provide research and data. The purpose of all of this is to spread prosperity through crowdfunding.

The Role

You will be working daily on any or all of the following:

  • Evolving our data analytics engine
  • Building awesome products for our clients (e.g.
  • Working on exciting pilot projects to grow the space
  • We’re a small team so you will be a big part of our development and growth.


With a focus on reliability, scalability, consistency, and product delivery you will:

  • Help create exceptional products to help build and develop the space
  • Test each product to ensure quality
  • Actively research and implement the latest innovations in the tech space


As a fast paced startup, we are looking for someone who can instantly take on a leadership position. Enthusiasm and determination can outweigh experience when truly compelling.


  • Demonstration of full fluency in any programming language
  • 1+ year in web application building
  • Knowledge of testing methodologies
  • Ability to communicate on both technical and non-technical levels
  • A passion for crowdfunding and desire to learn

This position is part-time either on-site in our London based office or remote. Compensation is flexible and competitive. To apply, email us at with your CV along with a cover letter.


Email us your CV along with a cover letter at