Products and Services

AlliedCrowds is an innovative consulting and data management firm, helping development organizations and private firms to explore how they can use alternative finance to meet their goals.

The Capital Finder

The Capital Finder is a unique database of over 5000 alternative funders in the developing world. The customizable database includes crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms, angel investment networks, impact investors, and public/semi-public funding schemes; all funders are categorized by type of funding (loan, equity, grant), and the sectors they are involved in (renewables, social entrepreneurship, etc.). The Capital Finder allows your organization to find potential funders for projects, gives you information of how to pitch to those funders, and gain greater control of your funding flows. Want to understand what motivates VCs and angel investors to invest in renewable energy projects in your target country or region? The Capital Finder can help you find the right people to speak to.

Research and Data Analysis

AlliedCrowds conducts research on topics related to alternative finance in emerging markets. Our research work includes internal and external reports commissioned by organizations and firms, as well as free reports open to the public. Underlying AlliedCrowds’s research is a strong belief that data can help to inform decision making and identify trends that may not be readily seen otherwise. Our research team can analyze proprietary data across countries and sectors, supplemented by outside data compiled by the World Bank, OECD, etc. Contact us to find out how our research and data team can help you.

Technology Solutions

AlliedCrowds is an agile technology provider that has worked on a number of projects, including creating the first crowdfunding platform in Ecuador. We specialize in machine learning and big data, and can help your organization improve its services, cut down on costs, and stay innovative in a rapidly advancing environment. Contact us to find out how our customized technology solutions can help you.

Consulting and Advisory

Building on years of research, project management, consulting, and finance experience, AlliedCrowds can help you better understand your competition, refine your organization’s unique selling point, and raise more funding for your projects. Contact us to find out how our team can help your organization better understand and engage with stakeholders in the alternative finance sector.